dark energy, dark dimension and string theory explained​ |how many dimension are there in our universe|what is dark energy|how will universe die|all 10 dimensions of universe explained|what is dark dark matter|black hole

dark energy, dark dimension and string theory explained

Dark energy is energy responsible for keeping all our universe together and force which is responsible for the expansion of the universe 


  • How dimensions react with our universe:-

According to the physicists there are numerous dimensions. String theory itself require at least 10 dimensions! We currently live in the fourth dimension or we can say truly master or experience or interact in the three dimensions

  • 1st dimension:- It is simply a normal line along x-axis (e.g line)
  • 2nd dimension:- It comprises of two axis and enabling the object to attain some height(e.g square)
  • 3rd dimension:-it involves depth(the z-axis) and is cross section of three axis
  • 4th dimension:- is TIME. Yeah, time enters our space-time graph. 

TRY to catch up now as things are will become crazy now as we witness the physics break

  • 5th dimension:- how easy is it for you walk 10 meters and now just imagine doing it with time moving through time would be as easy like walking you can travel from one time period to another just without any shitty time-machine or worm-hole shits.

(this includes only moving in positive direction.

  • 6th dimension:- travelling through time in both forward and backward direction
  • 7th dimension:- now how to explain this one. As we now by theory of parallel universe their infinite possibilities of an event in this dimension we can travel through all the possibilities of all the events basically in the 5th and 6th dimension we have similar history but this dimensions is full of chaos and uncertainty
  • 8th dimension:- is more or what similar to 7th dimension but is know as infinity dimension as a plane of such possible universe histories, each of which begins with different initial conditions and branches out infinitely
  • 9th dimension:- the laws of physics as we know them can be manipulated or controlled
  • 10th dimension:- the 10th dimension is of GODS (just a reference I don’t believe in god) you can create your one universe that is matter or space and even intelligent life well that is what is ironical we will talk about that later

Dark Dimension

Well I see dark energy as some kind of this extra dimension which does not react with normal matter and light or does not react with matter and light in the normal way.

“dark energy is really something that makes my mind wonder all night and then ultimately realise that there is so much in this universe that we need to learn ”

10th dimension GIF|simulation

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That is simply as the more empty space is created the more dark energy which proves all its points.

From this explanation we can simply approve all the points about dark energy as we can see as the more space is created more dark energy is created and thus this results into expanding of universe and as well increase the speed of expansion of the universe.

We can better understand this through the Friedmann’s equations:-Screenshot 2018-12-30 at 4.49.21 PM

a = Scale factor

ä = Rate at which expansion is changing

𝜌 (rho) = pressure due to fast moving atoms or radiation


From this equation we can understand how dark energy beautifully fits in the general relativity Continue reading “SIMPLEST EXPLANATION OF DARK ENERGY”




Yeah, so this is as mysterious and mind-boggling as it can get. Everything we know about this wonderful place where we live in, I mean if know everything like just remember how we questioned the existing of the universe in the last blog. So the thing I am talking about is obviously DARK MATTER . This we know nothing about yes just take a moment and analyze this. Our universe is approximately 85% dark matter and about 20% is dark energy . Yeah, can you imagine that and the main problem is that we don’t know anything about the both. WHAT WE KNOW
CREATION:- It was created just along with all the matter in the universe with the big bang (if you still believe in that ) AAH well big bang remember how we even questioned in our last blog the-black-hole-relativity

DOES IT EVEN EXIST:- Well we only bet on its existence for just one simple reason and let me just tell you straight up without any bullshit other website expose to us. The truth is that maybe it doesn’t exist it is only so that the scientist are not able to give explanation of such High rate of expansion of our universe which is about 68KM PER SECOND and also why doesn’t the ultimate force gravity just pull all galaxy together and result into big crash instead of seeing all this we are stuck with all the galaxies falling apart from themselves I myself don’t think it will ever happen.

Well the truth is that gravity is so weak that according to our current model it even strong enough to keep together the galaxies this is where DARK MATTER comes again it the force which keeps all the galaxies pact together and to be honest no one knows why but yeah it does if you have any thought you can send it to our community